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Parent & Tot Yoga

Suitable for Babies and Toddlers ages 10 months - 3 years.

Children are natural Yogi’s. Flexible, fun but most of all enlightened, they are the perfect definition of yoga. Yoga is one way of assisting children in their journey to independence. Concentration, focus, body awareness and self-confidence are just a few of the benefits achieved through yoga practice and as they get older, an important skill to have is one which allows the children to have respect and pay attention to their bodies.


It is never too early to introduce children to long as we can breath we can do yoga and children are experts at perfect breathing! With their natural belly breathing, they already have the technique. Parent and tots yoga is a way of enhancing and supporting the child’s spirit through music, dance, games and yoga poses but most of all…Through fun for both parents and tots!


For further information please contact us via email at

EVERY MONDAY - 10:30 - 11:30 - A Magical Butterfly


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