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What the people say:


On ne peut que recommander les cours de Clare à chaque femme enceinte! Clare veille toujours à offrir des cours variés, avec différents exercices et n'oublie jamais de corriger ses 'élèves' afin qu'elles bénéficient le plus des exercices proposés. Elle est une jeune femme dynamique, adorable et motivante qui fait tout pour satisfaire aux besoins d'une femme enceinte. Chaque fois que je quittais son cours, je me sentais détendue et épanouie. Ses cours m'ont réallement aidée à préparer la naissance de mon fils: que ce soient les techniques repsiratoires ou les exercices, j'ai pu vraiment en bénéficier pendant le travail.


Carole, Pregnancy Pilates


“It works….from being worried about “yoga esq” perceptions on Pilates, after just the first session with Clare I started to realise the benefits. No leotard just an hour of the strangest yet most beneficial work out I have ever done. Following a disc replacement surgery I was proposed pilates by my surgeon and physio and luckily chose Clare, her straight forward way of helping you understand the techniques and your own body mean that I now have a new way of life thinking about my back, it is hard to explain and sound a bit like a cult moto but you just have to try it. For results, a laugh and a professional instructor look no further than Clare!”


Joe Lister, President of Touch Rugby Luxembourg

“I have been practicing Pilates with Clare for 7 weeks, I feel great with every session and the most important thing for me is that you can share Clare's passion during each session. She is really professional and is always wearing a nice smile that makes you feel comfortable and positive during your pregnancy, she is always giving you good advice and teaching you how to learn from your own body.” 


Ana (23 weeks pregnant), Pregnancy Pilates

“Clare Marie Pilates Luxembourg is great. Clare is an awesome instructor, she knows what she's doing and is really informative. On top of that she's very kind and funny. What can we ask more?”


Gianni, Music LX

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