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Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates

Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates classes with us are designed and adapted for you at each stage of pregnancy and after birth. All our teachers are specifically qualified to teach pre & postnatal classes and are empowered with the knowledge to design suitable classes for pregnant ladies and new mothers. There are many benefits to exercising throughout your pregnancy which extend to after your beautiful little baby has entered the world.



Benefits of Pilates during pregnancy and beyond:


  • improved circulation

  • maintenance of fitness levels

  • improved posture and prevention of back pain

  • faster post-natal recovery

  • preparing the body for delivery

  • enhance a sense of well-being

  • improved self image and self confidence

  • help to decrease stress and anxiety


Super Mama Pilates


The Super Mama Pilates class is designed for all you Super Mamas who are 12 weeks right up until birth. This class is lead by our team of specially qualified Pilates instructors  and is designed to help you feel good throughout your pregnancy.


With a max. of 7 ladies per class,  we provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to keep fit, help improve posture and help prepare the body and mind for childbirth.


For further information please contact us via email at

Yo Mama & Bebe Pilates

The Yo Mama & Bebe Pilates classes are deisgned with you in mind. Once you have been signed off by your doctor or midwife (usually at about 6 weeks after birth) you can come with your new little beautiful bundle to work on feeling good, getting back into shape, rebuilding your pelvic floor and get to know your beautiful new body. This class is designed to teach you how to use your breath to help engage your true core muscles.

All the exercises are designed for new mother's and are offered at different levels to best suit you and your needs. Bring a blanket for your little one to lay down next to you whilst we work.


This is a relaxed class and adapted depending to you and your baby's needs on the day.


For further information please contact us via email at

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