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Our Teachers


Our team of energetic, passionate and highly qualified instructors are dedicated to helping you to create a better you through fitness, nutrition, therapies and more. With a wealth of experience, training and dedication to our field we make a strong and balanced team who focuses on inspiring and empowering you with the knowledge to live happier and healthier lives.

Clare Marie Trono

Founder Clare Marie Trono is a Level 4 certified Pilates Instructor, with specialist qualifications in GP Referral, Lower back pain management and Pre & Post Natal Pilates.

Clare has been passionate about the Pilates method since she was first introduced to it during a vocal master class with Paul Farrington (Estill Vanguard Teacher), at the age of 17.

Since then she has been interested in exploring how the body works, functional movement and the quest for holistic well-being.


Clare is also a trained classical singer and vocal coach integrating pilates into postural training for singers and actors. 

Olga Zdankiewicz

Olga is a group and personal trainer with over than 9 years of experience. Throughout that time she had the chance to come to know many different techniques and approaches to body conditioning.

She loves the Pilates method for how it creates a mind-body connection, teaches to understand the movement and control your own body. Recently she completed a Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level 1 education and is cetrified in pilates mat and equipment training.

Her second love is resistance & functional training. Understanding the concept of powerhouse and its application to different movement patterns helps her to keep her clients and herself safe while training.

Privately, Olga is a music, dance and food enthusiast as well as a sneaker addict.


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place that you have to live.” (Unknown)

I've got my degree in Physical Education and Pilates Instructor Certified in Brazil, where I was born and raised. There, I've also started my career teaching several fitness classes. In 2010 I was presented to Pilates class and it was love at first sight. I deeply believe the Pilates can help people know their own body, take control on it and find a good way to live painless, strong, flexible and happy. I also believe Pilates is a powerful way to recover from pathologies and injuries that sometimes hopes are gone.

In 2016 I decided to spread my passion in the world. Since then I've been teaching in Ireland, Portugal and now I'm here inviting you to be with me in Luxembourg... I hope to see you soon! Elize also offer Private 1-2-1 sessions in both English and Portuguese.

Merve DUMAN SAKALLI headshot.jpeg

Merve Duman Sakallı

Pilates became part of my life when I noticed how effective it was in relieving the stress on my neck, back and shoulders after an office day spent in front of the computer. It also improved my posture visibly. It even turned into a kind of meditation to connect with my own body and mind in time.


Seeing all these benefits, I wanted to carry my passion to a higher level, and got certified as mat and reformer Pilates instructor by Turkish Gymnastics Federation in 2013. I also completed a prenatal Pilates teacher training and a course in Functional Spinal

Anatomy and Spine Diseases. These trainings have helped me a lot design my classes according to the needs of each individual body. After closing our studio, which I opened and ran with my partner in Antalya for two years, I moved to Luxembourg. Now I continue my passion for exploring the body and movement.


Barbara Motta

I happened upon yoga about 10 years ago as a way to improve my crouched posture resulting from years of boxing. From the very first lesson I remember experiencing a new feeling of lightness, a new relationship to my body.

I began practicing yoga regularly with my teacher back in Italy. This gave me a first understanding of the poses, and a real curiosity for the practice. I moved to London in 2009 and started practicing hatha yoga and vinyasa flow at triyoga studio with many wonderful teachers, in particular Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Nadia Narain, Bridget Woods Kramer and Carlos Pomeda. It was in London that I really began to deepen in to the practices, and to engage in a new fuller way. At the end of 2009 I decided to embrace a new life and become a yoga teacher. I completed my teacher training at triyoga studio with Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. In 2015 I completed a pregnancy yoga training in London with Nadia Narain.


My academic training was basically done in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am a Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and massage therapist. For the past 10 years I have worked in my own office and in home care and recently, during the pandemic, I reinvented myself by giving teleservices and online classes. I have been working in studios, clinics, gyms, sports centers, and events related to sport and health.
During high school I started a technical school of contemporary dance that opened doors for me to travel and see the world. I lived in London and Lisbon for 3 years, where I studied the English language and where I had a great experience working in a contemporary dance company, participating in some dance festivals in Europe, including here in Luxembourg, at the Festival des Cappuccines.
After returning to Brazil, I entered the Faculty of Physiotherapy, training Pilates, who work and research the human movement with such enthusiasm.


Juana has a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and has been and certified by Pilates Zone` teacher training in Brazil. She teaches mostly contemporary Pilates, but has followed also Benjamin Degenhardt`s  course on the classical mat repertoire. She has recently moved to Luxembourg and teaches in English and Portuguese.


Let all you do be done in love.” (Unknown)


Irene began her practice in 2012 and she immediately felt the benefits related to the practice both in a physical and mental way. She first became a yoga instructor in 2016 and then a Pilates Instructor in 2018. 

Her classes are a perfect combination of 3 main elements: 

  1. Exercises to strengthen the core and alleviate back and neck pains; 

  2. Fun explorative body mobility and flexibility flows;

  3. Final relaxation and breathing exercises to calm and wind down.


She is very passionate about the idea that Yoga and Pilates can go beyond the mat and include every area of life. Irene is also certified in Reiki and Sound Healing and from time to time she brings her magic sound healing bowl to class, you can try her class every Tuesday at 7PM and connect with her via Instagram @nomadyoga.irene. 

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