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Kundalini Yoga with Patricia

Kundalini Yoga can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter his or her age or physical ability.


It is true that nowadays we have hundreds of types of yoga, some dedicated to physical workout (Bikram), some to the mind (Raja), or even devotion (Karma). Kundalini Yoga is a bit of all, but with an emphasis in consciousness that activates energy throughout the body. During this 90 minute class with a combination of asanas (postures) and breathing techniques all the body is transformed into a new one: muscles, joints, organs and glands. We let all the toxins go as well as the information of the past that was stocked in our body. We feel fresh and healthy as we are building new organs and also a new body. Past habits leave while new ones are growing. So through the workout of our physical body we work also our organic, energetic and spiritual body.


Contact us for further information at and to come and try a class.


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