Group Pilates Mat Classes


Pilates mat is a full body workout that focuses on mobility, flexiblity, functional movement and strength. Each class offers you the chance to explore the 6 fundamental principles of the method, develop your technique and working with your body to further balance the body and mind. 


Leaving you feeling great after each session. 


Please contact us for further information or alternatively you can book your 10 Euro trial session.

Pilates are some of the best methods to get a full body workout. It is such an adaptable and functional method offering you a deeper approach to developing core strength, improving posture, mobilising your joints, strengthening your muscles and flexibility, helping you to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.


The mat is where it all begins and where the fundamental principles of the method are learned. The matwork provides a focus for learning the basics correctly without having to get friendly with new exercise equipment at the same time. 


The mat exercises will help you to develop strength and confidence in the Pilates method fast and efficiently. Providing an all over body workout that suitable for all levels of fitness, body types and ability.


We offer a wide variety of different classes including group mat, private, duo and trio Pilates classes as well as specialist classes for Pregnancy, Post natal and Lower Back care.