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Dancing for Birth™ 

(pre/postnatal fitness & birth/motherhood wisdom)

From #preconception to #postpartum

Dancing for Birth™ is an evidence-based birth method based on principles of movement, gravity and instinct, going beyond prenatal fitness and wellbeing, discovering and claiming intuitive, woman-led birth.

Come and learn fun, easy and inspiring dance moves for a pleasurable and positive birth/motherhood and pre/postnatal fitness fun. Classes also include valuable birth/motherhood wisdom, celebration, relaxation, mindfulness and bonding with each other.

No previous dance experience needed! If you can walk, you can dance.


Classes include a variety of specifically modified Eastern, Latin, African and Caribbean dance. And no, it's not just belly dance.

You are primal, powerful and wise! Discover the keys to activate your powerful instincts… Come and join the Dancing for Birth™ Sisterhood!

More than Prenatal Fitness - Birth Readiness™, it’s the “trifecta” of birth preparation: feel-good dance fitness, essential childbirth education, and celebration of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, all rolled into one profound & powerful class that supports you at every stage, from pre-conception through postpartum. After you give birth, come full circle and wear your baby to class as you return to the sisterhood for postpartum fitness, motherhood wisdom/celebration and bonding with your baby.

Each signature move and technique is designed to:

Guide your baby into the optimal fetal position/soothe your baby in the baby carrier,
and enable you to effectively work with your baby and your body for a birth/motherhood experience you’ll love.

This fun and effective fusion classes are currently offered on four continents. Birth professionals and moms alike use the specially modified dance moves during labor to make birth shorter, easier and safer and motherhood more fun.

DFB participants report experiencing low levels of discomfort, few or no interventions, brief labors and high levels of satisfaction during their births. Studies confirm that these movements shorten labour and reduce epidural requests. Babies whose mothers take DFB classes love the motion of dancing and are easily soothed after birth by being held while their mothers dance. Postpartum women regain their pre-pregnancy shape and tone more quickly when they continue DFB classes with their babies.

This class is for women during:

Preconception, pregnancy (with go-ahead from dr),

Postnatal with/without baby not-yet-crawling.

Please bring baby in baby carrier

Please obtain go-ahead from dr

Partners are welcome too at no extra cost.

No spectators possible, only participants.

To bring:

We provide the colorful props!

Please bring:

Filled water bottle

Please wear comfortable feel-good yummy clothes. We dance w/o shoes, feel free to wear socks/non-slip socks as you prefer.

Notebook/journal + pen to make notes

If it's your 1st class, please print out, fill out and bring along this form for global DFB requirements.

If it's your 1st class, please print out, fill out and bring along this form for global DFB requirements.

Postnatal moms, please bring your baby in a suitable, secure and comfortable baby carrier/sling and an extra blanket/mat to put your baby down safely when needed.

Please contact us for further information or alternatively you can book your 10 Euro trial session.


Soulspace, 82 rue du Nord, Helmsange, L-7242.Parking available in street & surrounding streets.

Public Transport: 2 Min walk from the bus 11 stop (Walfer Gare) or Walferdange train station.

Please check your best route with the Mobiliteit-app

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