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Corporate Wellness


Invest in your people

As numbers of sick days are on the rise, cases of depression, "burn out" and the obesity epidemic showing no sign of slowing down, there's never been a more pertinent time to invest in employee wellbeing.

By participating in a Pilates and/or Yoga class once or twice a week, your employees can reduce the risk of lower back, neck and shoulder problems that can be a result of sedentary life style and working environment. By investing in their well being, employees not only feel more valued they will also feel and see the benefits that will transcend into their daily lives.


Providing Pilates and/or Yoga for your employees you will not only be improving their physical wellbeing but psychological wellbeing also, as exercise is proven to reduce stress and help energise and focus the mind, helping you to have even more productive staff



Whether you are interested in a weekly class, or an annual one-off, Clare Marie Pilates & Wellness  is here to help companies striving for a happier and healthier workforce. Providing tailor made solutions to suit your time frame, location and people, working directly with your individual needs, targets and KPIs, our team highly qualifiend instructors aim to deliver the highest quality and most effective Pilates & Yoga classes either at the studio or directly to your office. Classes are available in Englsih, Greek, Spanish, Italian and French.


For further information and to register your interest please contact us at at



With over 80% of people suffering with lower back pain at some point during their lives and with a growing corporate culture and our desk based jobs it is becoming more and more important to take care of our spines.
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