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Our Philosophy

‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness‘         
                                                                        Joseph Pilates



Hello and welcome to Clare Marie Pilates & Wellness,

Founded in 2012, Clare Marie Pilates & Wellness was set up to provide you with quality Pilates and Yoga classes, personal training and workshops. Helping you to get your bodies moving and your mind calm.


Founded by Clare Marie Trono, Welsh born, certified Pilates instructor and vocal coach, Clare is focused on making Pilates fun and functional so everyone can feel good after each session. She truly believes in the method and tries in integrate Pilates training and Yoga practice into all aspects of her life. 


As a team of highly qualified and inspirational teachers, we all believe in the importance of mindful living and think that movement is the key to helping the body heal and rejuvenate, as well as energising and relaxing both mind and body. 


It is time for you to invest in yourself, treat yourself and make mindful choices to enhance your health and wellbeing. We want you to have fun, express yourself, realise your needs and expand your awareness, so that you and your family can all be at our healthiest and happiest.


We want to contribute, along with you, to help build a mindful community that all support and inspire each other to live life to it's fullest, love unconditionally and be happy - our ultimate wealth!



See you on the mat! xx




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