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What is Pilates?


“Contrology (Pilates) is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”    Joseph Pilates



Pilates, originally known as Contrology, is a movement methodology developed by Joseph Pilates at the turn of the 20th Century. Pilates is a sequence of moves that focus on core strength, mobilising the spine, strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility. Whether you are interested in improving your general fitness levels, strengthening your body or focusing your mind, Pilates offers it all - providing you with a holistic approach to your health and fitness.



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Benefits of Pilates:


  • improves posture

  • rehabilitates

  • increases core strength, flexibility & mobility

  • corrects muscle imbalances that can lead to injury

  • enhances functional fitness, ease of movement

  • non-impact, easy on the joints

  • can be customised to suit everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes

  • complements other methods of exercise (yoga, gym, golf etc.)

  • enhances performance in other sports (skiing, cycling, running, rugby etc.)

Breathing  |  Centering  |  Concentration  |  Control  |  Precision  |  Flow
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